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Berggericht gin

54,00 VAT included
108,00 /litre

Our Berggericht Gin had the genesis of a spontaneous idea after the kitchen as always collected fresh mountain herbs when they then returned to the restaurant we had the idea with a friend organic gin producer Rick Gin Spirits from Vienna to create a Berggericht Gin. We then talked to Rick Gin and shared our idea with him.

With our own lemons and oranges from Limone on Lake Garda and Tyrolean wild herbs from Kitzbühel, the Berggericht team then created our gin.

The gin has nuances of orange, lemon for the freshness and Kitzbühel wild herbs that give it the vegetal note.
The taste is rounded off with cardamom and cubeb pepper.

The Berggericht Gin is 100% organic and is also certified as such.

Estimated delivery date 2024/04/16