Shipping & payment terms

Prices include glass and statutory value added tax.

The minimum order quantity for Germany: is 3 bottles.
The minimum order quantity for mainland Europe, Switzerland and Liechtenstein is 6 bottles.

The shipping costs within Germany (except island freight):
For orders of 1 – 11 bottles we charge 8 € shipping costs. For orders of 12 bottles or more, we ship free.

Shipping costs for mainland Europe without Switzerland and Liechtenstein: 25 €
Shipping costs for Switzerland and Liechtenstein: individual

NOTE on the protection of minors!
As a producer of alcoholic beverages, which represent a cultural asset but can also be drunk in excess, we want to and must ensure that, in the interests of the protection of minors, no wine is supplied to young people under 16 and no spirits are supplied to young people under 18 or ARE supplied by us.

By law, when a new customer places an order, we must verify that the customer is of the required age. For this purpose, we ask you as a new customer to provide your phone number in any case, so that we can contact you if necessary. can contact you by telephone.

We ask for your understanding here and hope to support you in this request!

The EU Anti-Geoblocking Regulation No. 2018/302 (possible).

Through this EU regulation, we are obliged to allow all customers EU-wide to store in our store.

However, we are not forced by this regulation to deliver to other countries in the EU. We remain free to deliver only to Germany or certain specified countries. Due to the different sales tax and consumer protection laws, it is unfortunately not possible for us as a local winery to basically deliver to all EU countries. We ask for your understanding for this.

In practice, this means that any EU citizen may order from our store and have the wines delivered to a German address. The possibility of age verification must of course exist. Likewise, the EU customer can pick up the goods from us, provided that the pickup is stored in the store as a delivery variant.