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Marco Gatterer
Known for first-class quality in a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere – Marco Gatterer, knows which products work for which occasion. Whether for a celebration, a meal with friends or a casual bar night, his recommendations are thoughtful and with an eye to the
Special selected. As a top chef, he even has one or two untypical recipe recommendations for our products.

Mountain dish alpine gin
An absolutely unique taste, only the best and highest quality ingredients of the Alps. From hand-picked Kitzbühel wild herbs and mild cubeb pepper notes to light acidity from our own orange and lemon cultivation from Lake Garda. Rounded off with birch wood, the Alpine gin gives a high quality and incomparable product. My personal serving recommendation: a little cucumber peel, cracked pepper and a little lime zest – depth of flavor and enjoyment preprogrammed!

Our Secco is a special highlight. In terms of taste, it is characterized by slightly sweet floral notes, is fresh and summery and is just always fun. The price-performance ratio is also convincing. Whether for toasting, celebrating or even cooking. The other day I made a sabayon from the secco, the result of which was a dream. Be sure to try it and nothing will stand in the way of your enjoyment.

Castle Frankenberg 2021 Blue Silvaner
My favorite wine is the Blaue Silvaner vintage 2021 Schloss Frankenberg. Taste distinctive- light aromas of elderberry, apple and light citrus notes characterize the fresh bouquet. The best thing about this wine is that it is suitable for any occasion, whether to accompany my fish, or seafood dishes in the mountain dish or to toast a cozy evening at home with friends. There is always the right opportunity. Thank you Maximilian for this awesome wine!

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